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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Revlon #85: "Minted" Nail Polish Review

The beauty blogosphere has been ablaze with reviews of Essie's Mint Candy Apple nail polish for months now.
Mint Candy Apple was released as part of Essie's 2009 Winter collection and has since become heavily covetable. That means the color is nearly impossible to find in drugstores, and I definitely don't have the patience to wait while sites like Amazon and ULTA restock their products.

I'd read that Revlon recently made a similar shade called "Minted" and that it was almost always easy to find in CVS and Walgreens. Unfortunately the reviews for "Minted" haven't all been favorable, so I wasn't really in the mood to spend $6 on a product I was already hesitant to try. However, I recently found a $5 off coupon and so I decided to pick a bottle up the next time I came across it. For $.84 I felt I couldn't complain if it turns out to be a total bust.
In the bottle this shade is a very pale sea foam green color with white and blue undertones. It's a suede finish, meaning there are no small glitter particles in the formula. Which is really the only positive thing about this formula.

The rest is crap, for lack of a better word.

"Minted" = Nail. Fail.

It's incredibly watery and streaky. I had to apply five coats before I had opaque color. The formula doesn't dry quickly, but rather becomes extremely tacky. The brush also adds to that problem, because it tends to grab the previously applied tacky polish and pulls it back off the nail bed.
(My nails after two coats)
(Five minutes after applying, and still tacky!)
I really wanted to love this polish. The color is really pretty and in theory should look wonderful. Unfortunately, it was messy to work with and just took too many coats just to achieve the color as it appears in the bottle. 
I will say that I've owned many Revlon nail polishes before (I love, love, LOVE Siren!) and they've always been fine, but this particular polish is a total miss for me. I suppose it is workable if you're patient and committed to building the color. I don't know that I am, so we'll see if this polish hangs around or ends up chucked in the waste bin.

I totally should have bought a Hershey's bar with that $.84. That certainly wouldn't have gone to waste ;)

What nail polish brand do you use? Is there a nail color you're dying to try?

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