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Friday, February 25, 2011

How-to: Mila Kunis SAG look

Mila Kunis is one of those celebrities who rarely misses the mark when it comes to makeup. Of course, it doesn't hurt that she's absolutely stunning on her own, but what I love most about her makeup is that it's quick, clean, and always perfect. Best of all, it's super easy to recreate on your own. No pulled punches with this one!

Fun fact: Mila Kunis has one hazel eye and one blue eye. Genetic mutations for the win.

A quick Google search confirmed that Mila seems to favor a taupe smokey eye and a simple, glossy lip. This is one of my favorite looks because it is almost impossible to look bad while wearing it. So I pulled a few products out of my enormous makeup bag and got to work.

To start, I want to say that almost every product used in this look is a drugstore brand. No matter what Vogue tells you, cheaper makeup does just as good a job as the higher-end products they always recommend you buy. That isn't to say I'm not a fan of higher-end makeup (I love me some MAC!), but for some of us, it isn't feasible to splurge whenever we want or need something new for the makeup stash.

So onto the how-to:

1. Start with an even application of foundation, spreading and blending with a foundation brush to keep the look natural and light. I use Revlon's Color Stay liquid foundation in Ivory for dry/normal* skin
*note: I've found the "dry/normal"tag a bit pointless. There isn't anything miraculous about how this formula applies to dry skin. I use moisturizer as a primer during the winter, which helps. The formula dries matte as well, but does leave a subtle trace of sparkle as it settles.

2. Concealer where needed. I have spots all the friggin' time, so concealer is a must for me. Blend with fingertips or a brush; your choice.
Self portrait rule #1: self-photos always require squinty eyes and an opened mouth pose
3. Sweep a peach-colored blush upwards at an angle from the apples of your cheeks up into your temple/hairline. I applied Cover Girl's Pretty Peach, a shade that I've found to be universally flattering on everyone. I prefer using Bare Escentual's light coverage brush for blush, to prevent it from looking too heavy.

4. Contour with a deeper, bronze-colored blush along the base of your cheekbone, along your hairline, and the sides of your nose. Mary Kay make a great blush in a lovely rosy tan called Sparkling Cider, which I used here.

5. Using a fluffy brush (I love the Sephora line of brushes), lightly apply a taupe shadow up and out. I have hooded eyes (meaning you can't see the lid when my eyes are open), so I tend to really bring the color up towards my brows. For this, I used Mary Kay's line of mineral shadows in Granite.

6. Next, I lined my eyes using MAC's Technakohl liner in Graphblack. Super creamy and blends so well when you pack dark shadow over it to smoke the line out, which I did using Mary Kay's Espresso shadow. The waterline is optional, but it does sex the look up a smidge, n'est pas?

7. Trace a thin line of navy shadow across the lower lash line. I don't really care for my Maybelline Twilight Rays quad, but I believe in using everything up, and it does have a navy shadow, so there you have it.

8. Apply one or two coats (or six or seven, if you're a fan of spider lashes like me ;) ) of mascara. I have a ton of lashes, but they're thin and lighter colored. So I emphasize them with Maybelline's Full N'Soft in Very Black.

9. Slap on a nude lipstick and voila, take your fine and smoldering self out to be appreciated for the sexy mama you are! (I used L'Oreal's Gilded Pink, btw).

So while I'm not the babe that Mila is, I clean up all right :) Now if only I could properly work a curling iron...

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