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Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Kardashian Effect: Kim Kardashian-Inspired Purple Smokey Eye

Kim Kardashian and "Beauty Blogging" are two words that have become totally synonymous over the past year. It seems like any blogger worth her (or his!) salt has posted a tutorial on how to recreate Kim's signature smokey eyed-nude lipped look, which is understandable because Ms. Kardashian always looks flawless with nary a lash out of place.

Today I decided to try my own hand at recreating Kim's makeup. Normally Kim stick to neutrals when doing her makeup, but I really wanted to do something with a little but of color. A quick Google search for "Kim Kardashian Makeup" turned up this soft, purple smokey eye with a nudish pink lip. I think this is a gorgeous look for an evening out! If you're one of the daring individuals who isn't afraid to rock a dramatic eye during the day, then this might be a look for you!
1. Kim seems to prefer a heavy, full coverage when it comes to a foundation. Using my Essence of Beauty concealer brush, I applied Revlon's ColorStay Foundation in Ivory all over my face and around my jawline. Over that I used Maybelline's 24HR Super Stay concealer where necessary and especially under the eyes, because there is a very light area beneath Kim's eyes to add depth. Set with a pressed powder to help the makeup last.

2. Kim is usually very tanned (I hope it's a spray tan, for her sake!). This look is less bronzer heavy and more blush friendly, though. Her cheeks are a soft brownish-rose, so I mixed a few blushers to achieve this look: Mary Kay Mineral Blush in Sparkling Cider and PF Happy Booster Blush in Rose. I also contoured with Sparkling Cider to define the perimeter of my face and add definition.

3. Brush a white or champagne colored highlighter down the bridge of the nose, along the hairline, and in the center of the apples of your cheeks.

(Note: Kim's brows are usually very dark and thick. I'm currently on the hunt for a matte shadow to match my reddish ash-colored brows so for this look I'm going to leave my brows alone. If you have a brow shadow that matches your brows you can obviously use that to darken and define your eye makeup. If anyone has a shadow suggestion, please let me know!).

1. This look is a mix of purples, a color that goes really well with brown and green eyes. I used MAC Crystal, which is a soft but bright icy lilac shadow. I used my Essence of Beauty Wide Smokey Brush to apply this all over the lid, bringing it right up just under my brow bone. Pack the color into the corner of the eye using a pencil brush.
Next, using the pencil brush again, use a darker purple and apply the color to the eyelid crease. I used the grey-purple from Elizabeth Arden's Velvet Plumtones quad. You want to create a very subtle crease. The darker shadow will add depth to the eye.
Kim brings the purple around the eye to below the bottom lashes, but she appears to have used a darker shade of eggplant purple. Using the same Elizabeth Arden quad, I lined my lower lashes with an inky brown purple shadow with a liner brush. Finally, in the corner of the eye there's a thin line of gold shadow. I used the same liner brush to gently run a shimmery gold shadow into the purple liner.
Next up, line the eyes with a thick black gel eyeliner. The line should be very thin in the inner corner and gradually thicken as it's drawn out, ending in a flicked wing. Once you've lined the eyes, apply a coat or two of volumizing mascara. You can also use false lashes if that's your thing. I don't happen to have any at the moment so I have to make do with my Voluminous Carbon Black mascara. To finish the eyes, be sure to tightline your waterlines (top and bottom) with a black liner.
(Please ignore the brows and blob of mascara on the lid. Whoops!).

Kim's lips are a warm nudey pink, so you should use a sheer pink or nude lipstick. Look for a color that matches your natural lip color. I used L'Oreal's Gilded Pink. Top with a clear or baby pink lipgloss like Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush lipgloss in Piece of Cake.
Channeling my inner Kim!
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What do you think of the Kim Kardashian makeup phenomenon? Too much, or super sexy?

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