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Monday, August 15, 2011

Review: Revlon Metallic Nail Polish in Silver Dollar

Chanel is known for its unbelievable nail varnishes. Over the past few years, shades like Blue Satin, Black Pearl, and Peridot have pretty much flown off the shelves. This season, Graphite is the newest addition to the Chanel nail varnish family. It's a dark, cool-toned nail polish that glitters in a way that is unmistakably Chanel. It's gorgeous.
I love a good nail polish just like any other girly girl (especially a glittery nail polish!), but I just refuse to pay upwards of $20 for a small bottle of polish. No way, no how. Fortunately for me, Revlon follows trends very well and it never takes long for them to roll out a cheaper alternative to the season's must-have shade.

Meet Silver Dollar.
Silver Dollar is one of three metallic shades in the new Heavenly Metallics series from Revlon. NY Fashion Week has faithfully shown us that metallics are the It look for Fall 2011, so Revlon is wisely jumping on the couture bandwagon and following suit.

Like Graphite, Silver Dollar is a very sparkly, opaque shade. It only needs two coats, and it applies like a dream. It spreads well and dries super fast.
I sealed the color with a non-chip top coat from Revlon and went about my business. It still looks fresh and brand new hours later.
Unlike my last Revlon experience, this nail polish is a major home-run! If the $25 bottle of Chanel is way out of your budget, then I definitely recommend that you check Silver Dollar out. It's a great dupe and you'll be ready to go when we go crazy for metals in the Fall!

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