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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

FOTD & Summer Curls: Day II

This is what my hair looked like when I woke up this morning. The curls I have cultivated yesterday were still hanging around, just a little limp. If this isn't a testament to the amazingness of my Argan oil/Herbal Essences hair mix then I am just having a really darn good hair day...

After doing my makeup, I gave my curls a small boost with a nice water scrunching, and they came right back in full force. I actually think they're a bit more springy than they were yesterday. It might be 100 damn degrees out, but I'm feeling very cool with my awesome hair right now!

For my makeup, I was in the mood for some brown and taupe shadows today so I busted out my favorite MAC shadow, Satin Taupe, which is a gorgeous grey-brown mix with silver undertones. I applied that all over the lid and under the bottom lashes, and then used a round shadow brush to apply the lighter brown shade from my Clinique Pink Chocolate quad. Using window wiper motions, I applied a heavy amount of the brown into the crease and up to just under my browns. In the corners, I dabbed some of CG's Pink Chiffon shadow to open the eye up.

I skipped the liner on the top lashes and lined my waterlines with a heavy black liner, which I topped off with a few coats of L'Oreal's Voluminous Carbon Black mascara. The finished look was a subtle but sexy neutral smokey eye that was surprisingly wearable for the middle of the day.

The key to keeping this look from being too heavy for daytime is to really blend the shadows together well (even bringing them up above your natural crease and towards the eyebrows). In my opinion, a round shadow brush is an essential in anyone's makeup bag. I personally hate when there is a visible end to someone's eyeshadow. Blending well really polishes off a look, especially if someone is wearing an eyeshadow that isn't a neutral color. For example, you don't want an obvious line between your skin color and the lid color.

This is not a hot look.

So make sure you always blend!

I then dusted some slight contouring bronzer into the hollows of my cheeks, which can be found by making your closest approximation to the oh so lovely face below. Just find the natural line of your cheeks to see where bronzer should be applied. 

Pro-tip: you can also find the natural outline of your face by holding a brush horizontally to the sides of your cheek. Angle the brush until it sits just below your cheekbones and the apples of your cheek; this is the line you're looking for to contour.
And that was it! Super simple and perfect for summer. The curls demanded something beachy and sexy, and I listened.
And finally, one more pair of earrings!
Again, a Target purchase, but so fun and perfect for the season. Coral colored seashells in obnoxiously big silver hoops. This is my kind of tacky! FYI, these cost less than $5. I don't expect them to last until September ;)

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