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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blusher and Liner and Gloss, Oh My!

Today's FOTD was a little more heavy handed than normal, in regards to the contouring. I decided to mix a few blushes together to give myself a healthy, bronzed cheek. Until my summer tan reasserts itself, I have to fake it ;)

I'm still loving my E.L.F. Contouring Blush and Bronze Duo. I paired it today with a Mary Kay Mineral Blush called Sparkling Cider, a warm tawny tan shade with undertones of rose and brown. I thought this color combo might be a little too dark at first, but in the end I ended up with a pretty natural sunkissed look. It warmed my complexion right up and emphasized my cheekbones and apples really well.

As far as the eyes go, I still haven't touched my beloved crayon liner once since trying the cream liner. I think that's a pretty big testament to how quality a product I think the E.L.F. liner is. In fact, I seem to be completely obsessed with gel liners now. I might get real wild and crazy and pick up a few more in different colors. A dark purple, blue, or gold liner is just the ticket to bring out blue, grey, or green eyes.

The lipgloss is Victoria's Secret Brilliant Lip Shine in Mischief. Not crazy about it, in all honesty. It sort of tastes like plastic, and the color is meh at best. I actually don't know why I keep using it. Perhaps it's because I have hoarder tendencies and just can't bare to throw away a product that isn't completely used up. It just seems so wasteful, you know?

Are you a blush person? What do you use on your cheeks to create a glow? Do you ever mix blush colors to create something unique?

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  1. My favorite blush is actually a blush/bronzer duo, Hot Flash by Lorac. I love it because you can use the blush or the bronzer or mix them together in any way you like. It doesn't make your face look dirty like many bronzers do, and the hot pink it actually much more flattering than I ever expected!