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"A man's face is his autobiography. A woman's face is her work of fiction." -Oscar Wilde

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Know Your Friendly Neighborhood Blogger: 25 Random Things About Tiffany

Like any good blog reader, I always appreciate pretty photos and honest reviews. I could easily lose track of the time I spend ingesting a blogger's opinions or techniques. But every now and then I find myself wondering about the people behind the user name and the pretty pictures. What's their story? What are they like as people? What are their interests (beyond makeup and fashion, that is)? I love those rare, occasional little snippets that allow me to learn about each blogger's personality, beyond our shared appreciation for all things beauty.

I do this thing with my students that I call Two Minutes with Tiffany. Basically, every now and then I'll give them the last few minutes of a class to ask me questions about myself. This lets them see me in another light and get to know me as an actual person, rather than just their teacher. I obviously reserve the right to ignore any question I consider inappropriate, but for the most part it's always in good fun. In the end, my students leave my classroom knowing as much about me as I like knowing about them.

So I thought I'd bring my Two Minutes with Tiffany here, so that you, my readers, can get to know the person behind the blog.

So here they are, 25 random facts about Tiffany. I hope you enjoy :)

1. My birthday is March 17, my mum's birthday is March 18, and my cousin's birthday is March 19th. Three birthdays so close to each other always guarantee one heck of a party!

2. I bought my first lipstick when I was 14, and it was a shade called Mica (L'Oreal). It was an iridescent dark purple-brown color and it probably made my teeth look really yellow, but I felt so cool wearing it.

3. I grew up in a family that spoke German, and I took it in school/college for almost 10 years. I know my way around a verb conjugation or two. I went to Germany in Jan. '11 and tried to put my skills to use, but everywhere I went, everyone wanted to practice their English. First world problems, man.

4. I can sing. Like, I can *really* sing. I took voice lessons for years. I was even the Rizzo understudy in a high school production of "Grease" (that's right, people, I'm a total bad ass AND a professional amateur).

5. My sister and I could be twins, even though we're ten years apart in age (and for what it's worth, I'm the baby). The only real difference between us is that her eyes are hazel, and mine are green. Our two front teeth even cross in the same way!

6. I studied history and archaeology in college, because I hoped that someday I could live a life like Indiana Jones's (but without the Nazis, snakes, and creepy ghosts in boxes). I may have missed the ball on the globe trotting relic hunter lifestyle, but I do get to bore a bunch of students with lectures on the crusades and why X never, ever marks the spot on a daily basis.

7. I hate shoes. That doesn't stop me from buying them.

8. My favorite writer is Oscar Wilde. It's a goal of mine in life to visit all of the important sites of his life. Yes, even the jail.

9. Wine makes me a better cook (and by "better" I mean, "I have no clue what I'm doing!").

10. I met my husband when I was 16 years old. Yup, high school sweethearts over here. He still gets my heart to flutter, 13 years later.
11. Halloween is my favorite holiday. Interestingly enough, I am a direct descendent of Mary Perkins Bradbury, which might explain my love of all things spooky.


12. I am scared of water. Panic-attack level of scared. Which is weird, because I totally love the beach, and I've lived my entire life right on a coast.

13. I am very political. If you follow my tweets, you might be aware of this already. Apologies for my soap box; I drag it out a lot.

14. I hate folding laundry and emptying the dishwasher.

15. I have really weird food allergies. Raw tomato and coconut makes my tummy very sad :(

16. Unlike a lot of white people who try to claim it, I actually am part Native American (1/8 Passamaquoddy, yo) and have the family and documentation to prove it.

17. I love volleyball, even though I'm pretty crap at playing it. This fact doesn't stop me.

18. Reddit might be my favorite website ever.

19. I never eat steak, and I'll only eat a burger if it's been charred like a hockey puck, smothered in cheese and pickles, and I'm at a special event like a cookout.

20. I am obsessed with handbags. I must own at least 12.

21. I have a huge family. My dad had 13 brothers and sisters.
Riding one of said bajillion uncles' bikes. I was a gnarly three year old with a Kermit doll. Check ya'self.

22. I am 5'2" on a good day. With the right hair and shoes, I come in at a whopping 5'5".

23. I love science fiction and fantasy movies.

24. I am a dog person, but I've only had cats or rabbits for pets.

25. I lived in La Jolla, CA for three years, and can't wait for the day when I can move back!

TL;DR: I'm pretty cool :p

So that's me, in a very consolidated nut shell! Thanks for taking the time to read a post without (many) pictures, and please leave a comment that tells me a random fact about you. I want to know my readers as much as you want to know me!

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