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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Review: MAC Sable (& Some Shadow Comparisons!)

The husband and I enjoyed a leisurely stroll down Newbury St. last night. Naturally I just had to stop into MAC and check out the goodies. I always try my best to get in and out of that place without spending a fortune on products I don't need, and for the most part I'm pretty successful at this. But last night I found myself swatching shadows and, well, I just couldn't resist bringing this beauty home.

MAC Sable is a gorgeous plum-golden brown shadow. It looks like a basic brown in the pan, but once you swatch it it takes on a totally different color; there are rosy-bronze undertones in this shadow that you don't see until you put it on. I love warm brown shadows, especially when they have hints of purple or pink in them, so this shadow feels right at home in my MAC palette.
At first I thought it might be pretty similar in color to Satin Taupe, one of my all-time fav MAC eyeshadows. I swatched them next to each other and was surprised to see that, while the tones should be the time, the colors take on two very different personalities.
You can really see the warm bronze tone of Sable, whereas Satin Taupe is a much cooler color. The formulas are exactly the same, however. Both are satin finishes. They're smooth and blend really well. These two colors are definitely related, but they're certainly not twins.

I was also very pleasantly surprised to see how close Sable and Satin Taupe are to the deeper brown shade in the NARS Kalahari duo. Both are close matches, and if you don't want to spend the $32 for the NARS shadow, you can use one of the MAC alternatives (which are much cheaper!).

But wait, there's more!
MAC Sable and Patina = a dupe for the NARS Kalahari duo?

EOTD using Sable, Woodwinked, and Shroom

Do you enjoy finding similar shadow colors? Share your fun color match finds! :)


  1. I use Gabriel sable shadow in my eyelid crease. It's true - it looks like a plain brown in the container but has almost a purplish tone to it. Love it :)

  2. Love your site! Would love to have you review some products from Cibu International - just email me if you would like me to mail you some stuff to test! Thanks, Caitlin

  3. I got this colour for my birthday and I adore it. I love the rusty pinkish tonee :)

    Aisling (