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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Makeup Storage

Up until recently I didn't have a great storage system for my stash of makeup goods. Like a lot of people, I just threw my makeup in bags and consequently would have to dig through everything in order to find a certain product. I'm a bit of an organizer by nature and so this method was just driving me batty. I wanted to sort and separate my makeup by category but couldn't really choose how to do it.

This was what I was previously using to store my makeup.
Two bags that were just annoying as hell to maneuver through. It's really frustrating when you're trying to do your makeup at 6 am and just can't find anything.

So yesterday I just said "hell with it!" and a quick trip to Target ended up produced this organizational gem:
The pretty, bright pink color just makes me happy :) It fits perfectly on top of my dresser, turning it into a sweet little vanity space.
Just a small little change, but one that has greatly reduced my early morning makeup routine. It's great for grab and apply. No more rooting through an enormous bag of stuff.

How do you store your makeup? Are you a clear cube person, a counter top grabber, a makeup bag junkie, or a storage drawer lover?

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  1. I have a clear acrylic box from Muji :) I love it!
    Aisling (