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Friday, July 29, 2011

Stila and Good Hair: A Happy Start to My Friday!

I would like to begin this post by declaring my bedroom to be a magical portal to that fabled land of orange skin and petrochemicals: New Jersey.

How does it work, you ask? Just take your blog pictures in it and BOOM! Insta-Jersey Girl.
All I need is a Bumpit and I'm Snookie.

Ok, so that was a cheap shot at "Jersey Shore", but I'm pretty sure Snookie and Co. are used to it by now.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

I played with my Stila Natural Eyes Palette today, and I'm in love. These shadows are so easy to work with and there is so much variation to what you can do with all the different colors. 

I watched this Pixiwoo video (Cheryl Cole's eye makeup) last night. I loved the dramatic finished look, but I definitely wanted to tone it down so that it was wearable during the day (i.e., no crazy black shadows and false lashes).

I put Champagne all over the lid and then used a liner brush to apply Luster along the lash line and wing it out. As I lined the eyes with the Luster shadow I used an angled shadow brush to blend the shadow up onto the lid and into the Champagne shadow. I applied Luster several time, building the color up more and more each time. Finally I ran a mix of Night Sky and Ebony along the lash lines and blended that as well.
I slapped on two coats of L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black and ran a thin line of Champagne and Gilded Gold into the lower lash line.

The overall look was much softer than the original Pixiwoo look, but it's a great neutral eye for the day, and I'm sure I can continue the build color up to amp it up for a nighttime look.

On a different note: I've been loving the Got2b Guardian Angel Heat Protectant spray I picked up a while ago. I've noticed a noticeable change in the texture of my hair after I flat iron it, and it also helps to keep those annoying little frizzes at bay.
Looking pretty healthy and shiny today!

Happy Friday, everyone! :)

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