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Friday, February 18, 2011

EOTD Using Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips

I broke out my newly acquired Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips shadow palette for the first time today.  I was initially pretty meh on the nude and pinks shadows, but I had high hopes for the rest of the palette. Out of curiosity to really put the bronze shades to work, I got a little heavy handed and had some fun!

I quickly discovered there's more to this palette than meets the eye (get it?).

The colors don't look like much when the eye is open, but once they're closed (or drifted, as it were)...

Nothin' but shimmer and sparkle, and bronzey delicious shadow!

Unfortunately the Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips don't photograph especially well and as a result the look in the picture is a little purple overall. But in person, I have that just-spent-the-day-at-the-beach sort of glow. Love it.

Considering it's the middle of winter and my skin is about smooth as a brillo pad (quit slacking, Dove, and do your job!), these shadows went on like silk and blended gorgeously. They've also lasted quite a while without any obnoxious creasing.

Well worth that $4.

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