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Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscars 2011: Best Makeup Looks

1.) Natalie Portman
This girl is stunning, and I'm sure that pregnancy glow isn't really hurting her, either :) This year's Best Actress winner also gets my vote for best makeup. She looks stunning in shades of plum, pink, and taupe (all of which are my favorite shades to begin with, but no bias here ;) ). 

2.) Mandy Moore
When I first saw this color combo, my immediate thought was, "Guuuuuurl...." But the more I see it, the more I'm lovin' it. Mandy just looks so fresh and clean and, dare I say it? Natural? The peachy-coral lipstick makes this look a little more contemporary than a pink gloss would; you're not expecting a subtle pop of color with such a neutral palette, but man, I love it! Mandy, thank your MUA! You should ditch the golf ball earrings, though...

3.) Michelle Williams
Ladies and Gentlemen, this is how you do ethereal. Michelle looks like a fairy, am I right? Pale blue eyeshadow with pink lips shouldn't really look good on anyone but Barbie, but holy Hell, Ms. Williams is working those pastels with this look. If she has any other hair color, this look could not work. It look so effortless and pretty that I can't even find fault with her pixie cut, a usually terrible hairstyle I myself have been deluded enough into trying.

4.) Mila Kunis (obviously)
I have no words. Flawless. Get it, girl.

5.) Helena Bonham Carter
Ah, the dark horse. How surprising is it that Ms. Bonham Carter should be on this list, when in the past she's famously eschewed such beauty conventions as brushing her teeth. I can't say anything for the hair, but the makeup is, in a word, gorgeous. Icy pinks and rosy hues look amazing on her pale skin, and unlike the blatant horror show to come (reader beware), it doesn't age her. Quite the opposite, actually; she looks young, healthy, and well-rested. Kudos, you amazing artist, you!

 6.) Scarlett Johansson
Similarly to Ms. Bonham Carter, Scarlett mostly got it right. On television, her eye makeup was STUNNING. Golden and glowy and definitely gorgeous. The colors are warm and bright, and interestingly, generally unforgiving. Orange shadow in theory should be a no-no on fair skin, but for whatever reason, Scarlett is carrying it off smashingly. It helps that the lip color is simple and there's just the lightest dusting of bronzer on the cheeks.

Where the look goes wrong is the hair. Seriously, Scarlett. This is the friggin' Oscars. Run a damn brush through that rat's nest.

And just for snark, two "WTF were they thinking?!" looks:

1.) Sharon Stone
When I first saw Sharon Stone at this year's Oscars, I'm pretty sure I had a visceral reaction. An actual chill crept up my spine. "Kill it with fire!" I screamed. She looks like the Crypt Keeper, for God's sake. Simply put, there's way too much going on here, and she's not young enough to pull this red lip-blue smokey eye combo off. Frankly, drag queens can't even pull of this look, so what the hell was Sharon Stone thinking?

Mommy, make it go away.

2.) Nicole Kidman
I love Nicole Kidman. I think she's phenomenally talented. And once upon a time, she used to be lovely.  Now, she looks like a statue straight out of Medusa's lair. Her face looks like it's going to break in this picture! Where are the lines? The creases? I'm 27 and my face isn't this smooth! Back away from the Botox, baby. You're lookin' like a freak now.

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