Made Up in Boston

"A man's face is his autobiography. A woman's face is her work of fiction." -Oscar Wilde

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Makeover Slumber Party!

My sister-in-law Emily is spending the summer with us while she works here in the city. Last night we enjoyed one of our girly slumber parties and it quickly progressed into a mini-makeover session.

Emily is naturally very beautiful, with pale clear skin and gorgeously big blue eyes. She needs very little makeup to look like a million bucks. However, last night I really wanted to layer on the slap and see how she would look with a full face of makeup (the end result? Drop dead gorgeous!).

1. The first look was a mix of Inglot and L'Oreal shadows, specifically the rose pink and the the vanilla shade from this Inglot palette and the Beauty Marked dupe in the L'Oreal Lavender Smokes quad. The soft color combos made Em's eyes take on a distinct green hue, which I think is lovely.
A soft pink lip, a little highlighter, and a slight dusting of a peach blush tied the look together.

2. The second look was a myriad of MAC shadows, namely Banshee, Honey Lust, and Shroom over E.L.F. All-Over Color Stick (acting as a primer), with a little bit of the dark chocolate shadow from the above Inglot palette as a liner and crease definer.

I personally loved this look on Em, especially with her red hair, but the overall effect of the dewey pinky-peach colors seemed very 1970's to me, and therefore it was a little out of Em's simplistic and natural approach to makeup.
To really amp up the look, I gave her a fuschia lip using a Mary Kay gloss called Berry Sparkle. I layered Victoria's Secret lipgloss in Mischief over that, dabbing a spot in the middle of the bottom lip to give the appearance of a fuller mouth. I then used PF's Happy Booster blush in Rose to give her cheeks a flushed glow.

Em is attending a wedding today, so this morning I reapplied look #1 (albeit with a much lighter hand). She looked fantastic. Her boyfriend is a lucky man ;)

Thanks for being a good sport and letting me have full control over your face, Em. I hope you like the look!


  1. Yeah, I was going to vote for look #1 as well. Wanna do my makeup sometime? ;)