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"A man's face is his autobiography. A woman's face is her work of fiction." -Oscar Wilde

Thursday, June 30, 2011


Having returned from Israel with a pretty decent tan, I'm digging the warm, bronzed tones in my face right now and have been going for makeup that really brings those colors out.

Today also happened to be an exceptionally lovely day here in Boston, so my new tan and the bright sunshine really inspired me to have fun when doing my makeup this morning.

I went with eyeshadows that blended seamlessly together, giving my eye the slightest hint of depth. They looked really natural in accordance with my tan.
(Apparently the brown around my iris snuck out to say "hey!")
I used MAC'S Patina, Satin Taupe, and Haux, along with some of the champagne hued shadow from Revlon's Sterling Rose CS quad (dabbed in the corner and under the brow as a highlighter).
*Please forgive the errant brow hairs; I wasn't able to bring my tweezers on the plane, and now I have to pluck something fierce.*

I unintentionally gave myself a pretty snazzy cat eye while lining my eyes, and rather than scrapping it and starting over, I just went with it. The results were fairly Cleopatra-like, but that sort of thing is fine by me ;)

I used Milani's Luminous blush over Mary Kay's Sparkling Cider blush to give my cheeks a subtle pink glow. When I tan, I lose the pinkness in my cheeks (a commonly occurring trait among fair-skinned women), so I have to add it back in, just to give my face some color variation. Otherwise I'm just bronze, and while that's a trait many women pay for, it's a look I can't abide. I love a healthy pink cheek!

I customized my lipgloss today. First I ran Rimmel's Moisture Renew Lipgloss in Rose Cocoon over my lips, then I dabbed some of the bright gold eyeshadow from L'Oreal's Lavender Smokes quad over the gloss. This adds a golden sheen to the lipgloss, taming the shine and giving it the creamy consistency of lipstick. It also ensures that it lasts a little longer.

Do you play up the tones of your skin?

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