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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Beauty Blog Shout Outs

If you scour beauty communities for new and informative beauty blogs, I'm going to give you a helping hand right here and now. Listed below are some of my favorite beauty blogs, all listed for various reasons and chock-full of amazing product reviews, gorgeous makeup, fantastic hair tips, and hot, hot, HOT fashion looks.

(Without a doubt, this is my favorite beauty blog ever).

Laura, aka Lollipop26 has a great understanding of all things beauty. She gives honest, unbiased reviews of everything she uses; what's great, what stinks, what is a must have, and what is hype. She does a wonderful job of mixing high-end products with everyday drugstore brands to present new and beautiful looks. She has a wonderful British sense of humor, a great writing voice, and she has great personal style. She's absolutely lovely to boot. So go check it out!

**Do bear in mind that she is on a blogging hiatus and hasn't written a new post since Nov. 10. However, she does post wonderful tweets, so you can follow her here for smaller bits of advice.**

Emily works in broadcast news as an television anchor. She also does her own makeup and hair for each broadcast, so you know she's got to know a thing or two about beauty when she spends her life in front of an HD camera.

What's great about Emily is that she posts fantastic tutorials, and she's done almost every look you can imagine. There is nothing this woman can't do. I could watch her videos all day, not just because she actually knows what she's doing and talking about, but because she has an amazingly jazzy voice. No wonder she works in news.

And if you're looking for beauty on a budget advice, Emily is your girl. She relies mostly on wallet-friendly products to achieve her looks. This girl is a drugstore brand diva, and YOU'D. NEVER. KNOW. IT.

This Canadian based blogger writes about everything you need to know when it comes to high-fashion beauty. Detailed breakdowns of various trends, looks, hair styles, must-have beauty products; she gives the most extensive information and advice on how to achieve all those looks you drool over in Vogue, on the Fashion Week runways, and any other print source material you can imagine.

If you've ever wanted to look like a celebrity or supermodel, then this is your blog.

Truthfully, if the above picture isn't enough to make you run to her blog, I don't know what else to tell you. This English beauty blogger has such a unique sense of style, and she loves to play around with bold and dramatic looks. She posts excellent, descriptive product reviews and gives wonderful breakdowns for her various looks, as well as the occasional rare, behind the scenes perspective of the beauty industry. The photography is beautiful as well, because she's a photographer (if you couldn't already tell).

(Clever title, no?)
A local beauty source (other than myself) who knows where to find the good stuff here in Boston. If you're local, then this is a great reference for finding unique and luscious beauty products here in the Bay State. If you're from afar, there's still a sizable amount of info on assorted products you can easily locate in your own area (or online).

What blogs do you read? Where do you like to go to find new products, get inspired, or look at gorgeous makeup?


  1. Thanks for the links! Its nice to have bloggers showcase their favorites!

  2. I am very familiar with Beauty Broadcat but, I will have to check out the others- thanks for that list! I hope you will check out my blog, I am from MA as well, about 30 mins north of Boston.

  3. Hi Lash Girl, welcome to my blog! I hope you enjoy this list, and please feel free to share more with us here as you find them. I do love a good beauty blog (I was just enjoying yours this afternoon; lots of good stuff in there!).