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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

2-minute up do how-to

I've mentioned before that I have hair that is less than ideal to manage. It's naturally very curly and coarse, which can make it difficult to manage from the start. However, I've also done a bang up job of damaging it all on my own. Years of heat exposure and a distinct lack of proper maintenance has left it in a fragile state, so I tend to baby my hair as often as possible. This frequently means I skip the straightening iron and just leave it be.

Unfortunately, this means I have to get creative when the weather is rainy and moist, as it is today. Lots of rain and fog usually leaves my head looking a bit like this:
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Well, not quite, but almost. Obviously, this isn't a look someone would aspire to.

So what can one do to easily and quickly avoid the frizz and curl? How about a 2-minute up do!

Here's what you need:
1 elastic pony tail holder (preferably one without a metal closure)
6 bobby pins (or more, depending on how secure you want your hair to feel)
De-frizing hair serum (I used FX Silk Drops sheer liquid smoothing hair serum. Find here)

The how-to:
1. Smooth roots and ends of hair with the serum, slicking down fine baby hairs and little whispy curlies.
2. Part your hair deeply on one side, and pull the front section of your hair to the opposite side of the part, twisting into a thick cord as you go. Secure the cord with two bobby pins to the side of your head.
3. Pull the rest of your hair into a low pony tail, slightly off-center (a la the 80's). Secure the other side of your hair with bobby pins so prevent fly aways.
4. Instead of pulling your hair all the way through the elastic, leave the small bun-like shape of the hair, with the ends tucked in and hanging out of the pony tail.
5. Loosen the "bun" structure so that you have room to tuck the bun under the pony tail. This means the ends of your hair will be pointing up and through. Tuck under and secure the ends of the hair for a more polished bun. Secure with bobby pins.

And here's the finished product:
*Please ignore the gash I gave my neck with my nail. I guess it's time to clip!*

I'd love to hear more suggestions on simple hair how-tos (trust me, it's gotta be simple, or else I'm doomed to fail!). If you're like me and cursed with tough hair, how do you manage it? What's your battle plan when it comes to taming your frizz demons?

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  1. I LOVE it. Can you teach me how to do that in person? So pretty!